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  Sales without Marketing is like Frank without Beans

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Got a marketing event or sales project that needs attending to? Let us know your plan and we’ll do the work for you. Don’t worry; you’re still the star of the show because you hired us!

Marketing Assessments

Know what you look like from the outside. We can develop a plan of action to move you forward and start talking to your audience. We can even help you implement it.

Brand Development

  • Create a logo for your business.
  • Articulate the overall goal and vision of your business by developing a mission statement.
  • Develop a tag line that clearly states what you want your business to be —in a sentence or less.
  • Incorporate your logo and tagline into all of your marketing materials and advertising promotions.
  • Insure the consistency of your marketing materials, your advertising campaigns and the day-to-day operations of your business with the image you want your business to present to consumers.

Marketing Audits

Much like people, no business is perfect.  No marketing strategy is perfect.  No marketing campaign is perfect. We need to audit so we can improve all areas of your business’ marketing presence.

Marketing Materials

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Website development
  • Trade show materials
  • Annual reports
  • Presentations
  • Video Production, script writing, directing and editing
  • New ideas to save you time, and look good doing it!Need amrketing Help? Just ask

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