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  Power up your Company and Yourself with a better Process in Sales

We all run into boundaries every day, whether they are preexisting or self-induced, they are still there. Boundary Jumpers can help your company over that fence and on to better sales.

Boundary Jumpers can help you do…

  • Global Sales Strategy and Implementation
  • Sales Process Assessment
  • Demographic Research for your Target Market
  • Sales Process Development and Testing
  • Sales Research
  • Sales Coaching
  • Presentation Development
  • Script Writing
  • List Development
  • Customized Cold Calling Campaign Development
  • Development of Lead Generation
  • Cold calling to a target markets
  • Clean-up calls
  • Appointment setting
  • Pre- marketing and sales campaign database calling
  • Warm list calls
  • Donor and non-profit campaigns
  • Trade show follow-up calls
  • Direct mail campaign follow-up calls
  • Lost and inactive customer call campaigns
  • Event or seminar follow up
  • Targeting new industries and building a prospecting list
  • Helping you find your market

Our call results provide you with updated and qualified information.

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